CertainTeed Siding Installation

No matter the type of siding you’re looking for, We’re confident that CertainTeed is the perfect siding option for your home. With it’s industry-leading durability, environmentally-sustainable design, and exceptional warranty coverage, it’s no surpise that CertainTeed has been rated the #1 siding producer for 21 years in a row.

Our highly-rated team installs CertainTeed vytec, vinyl, CertaWrap, stone, and composite siding throughout Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery County areas.

Your Local CertainTeed Siding Solution Provider


MHX Designs is proud to be a certified CertainTeed Siding contractor. Since your home is one of the most important assets, we understand how crucial it is to make sure it’s protected. That’s why we install CertainTeed siding products. CertainTeed Siding has been named the #1 siding product by industry professionals for 21 years in a row. Using CertainTeed Roofing ensures the ultimate protection of your home. MHX knows that using CertainTeed provides a superior combination of low maintenance, high durability. Regardless of what type of roofing you’re interested in, CertainTeed provides top-of-the-line products that come with benefits that you just can’t beat, like:

  • Having industry-leading durability
  • Being environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Coming with exceptional warranty coverage
  • Availability in a wide variety of styles and price points
  • And more!

Curb Appeal that Lasts

CertainTeed is the premier exterior material manufacturer and their roofing products are no exception. With asphalt, metal, ventilation, and underlayments roofing installations available, MHX is proud to offer a wide variety of the highest quality products to their customers. Not only does each product come with an array of trusted warranties, but their roofing will also ensure that your home has curb appeal that lasts over time.

Due to the industry-leading quality of its products, CertainTeed roofing is more resistant to curling, cracking, and wind-damage than other products on the market. The reputation of CertainTeed to produce only the top-performing roofing materials is backed by thousands of satisfied homeowners who have enjoyed their CertainTeed roofing for years. No matter what type of weather your home faces during each season, a CertainTeed roof will protect your most valuable asset while providing a low-maintenance yet high-quality aesthetic.

Composition Siding

CertainTeed Exterior Weatherizing & Ventilation

Watch this video to see how CertainTeed siding products are used to help create a barrier to properly protect your most valuable asset: your home.