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If the windows in your Bucks, Chester, Delaware, or Montgomery county home are more than 10 years old, include only single-pane glass, or are builder-grade windows, then they could be costing you significant amounts of money every month. At MHX Designs, we install replacement windows that are specifically designed to provide maximum energy efficiency, improve the look of your home, and increase its value without breaking the bank.

Energy-Efficient Savings

Upgrade your home’s curb appeal while lowering your utility bill with maintenance-free, energy-efficient replacement windows installed by MHX Designs.

Affordable Window Solutions

With replacement pocket windows, we can install them into your pre-existing window frames without damaging the wall, window trim, or siding, which saves you time and money.


Hover e360 3D System transforms smartphone photos of your home into a fully measured, customizable 3D model so we can estimate a project confidently while eliminating the margin of error in manual measurement.


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Energy-efficient replacement windows

Replacement Pocket vs. Full-Frame Windows

Replacement windows are available as pocket or full-frame windows and are designed so that the installer does not have to remove any exterior materials of a home including the siding and exterior cladding. Pocket replacement windows are installed into a pre-existing window frame from the inside of the home whereas full-frame replacement windows completely replace the window frame and will adequately flash the opening.

Why Replacement Windows from MHX?

  • Energy Efficiency. Combining advanced materials with modern manufacturing techniques, our windows keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Low Maintenance. Our windows are made of long-lasting materials that retain their shape, color, and strength, and never need to be scraped or painted.
  • Easy Cleaning Access. We install replacement windows featuring tilt-in sashes for convenient cleaning, both inside and out.
  • Improved Curb Appeal. An expansive glass area and an attractively finished frame make our windows a beautiful new addition to your home.

Your Best Choice for Replacement Windows

Whether you live in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, or Montgomery County, MHX Designs is the area’s #1 replacement window expert. Contact us for a free estimate today by calling (888) 944-6493 or completing our online quote request form.

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