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Helpful Tips On Maintaining Your Stucco

There is a growing epidemic of Stucco home issues in our region and all around the country. It is important for all stucco homeowners to learn how to maintain the stucco.

  • Stucco absorbs water every time it rains and dries very slowly.
  • Stucco will crack over time, which leads to greater water management challenges.
  • The extremes of Northeast weather allow water to get trapped behind the stucco, causing the homes to rot throughout the exterior walls.
  • A failure rate of stucco is high, and the cost of stucco replacement can be expensive.


  • Stucco now can be applied with a
    special waterproof, breathable
    masonry exterior paint.
  • New masonry paint will prevent
    moisture intrusion behind the
    stucco and seal any minor cracks.
  • The new paint is sunlight resistant.
  • It improves your home’s look with
    a fresh new color.


  • Many stucco cracks happen
    around windows. It is imperative
    to maintain caulking around the
  • A new caulking will help prevent
    water intrusion and minimize
    future cracking.


  • Gutter and roofline water
    management is also critical.
  • A clearance is needed between
    the gutter and stucco.
  • A kickout flashing or roofline
    diverter is must.

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Stucco Remediation


Many homeowners want the cheapest and quickest solution when it comes to addressing their stucco home’s issues. Unfortunately, stucco repair is a temporary fix and can lead to greater problems in the future by the virtue of cutting the stucco wall. While some contractors conduct a partial wall repair, MHX Designs recommends performing a corner-to-corner repair at a minimum as a newly repaired area will not match the existing stucco’s color, texture, or thickness.


When it comes time to choose your home’s new exterior, MHX Designs offers numerous products and solution options for stucco replacement. We will work with you to find the perfect solution to fit your budget in order to protect your home and maximize your investment. Our most popular stucco replacement products are James Hardie Fiber Cement and CertainTeed Vinyl siding solutions.


The Remediation process involves removing the stucco from your home and taking the necessary steps to ensure proper protection in order to meet current building standards, Remediation should always be part of the repair or replacement process. We start by removing all stucco to fully assess damages and installing proper Water Resistive Barrier (WRB) systems to protect your home. The remediation process will determine whether additional work will be needed.

Before & After

Update Your Home With These Stucco Replacement Options

We proudly offer James Hardie fiber cement siding and CertainTeed Vinyl siding, which are better equipped than stucco to handle our brutal Northeast winters. With a variety of different style and color options available, there’s truly something for everyone.

Additional James Hardie Fiber Cement Benefits:

• Fire Protection

• Moisture and Rot Resistance

• Unsusceptible to pests

Additional CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Benefits:

• Industry-leading durability

• Environmentally friendly and sustainable

• Exceptional warranty coverage

Transformations You Have to See to Believe

Our team approaches each stucco remediation project with care and precision, so your home is always in good hands. Take a closer look at some of our before-and-after transformations.

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