Winter Roof Maintenance Tips in Jamison, PA

Winter roof maintenance tips in Jamison, PA for snowy roofs

Winter is just around the corner… is your home prepared for the season? If you want to avoid dealing with home repairs in the spring, the best thing you can do is take action now to prepare your exterior for the coldest months of the year. Maintaining your roof, in particular, should be high on your list of to-dos this season. Below, learn more about winter roof maintenance tips in Jamison, PA, to make sure your home is ready. 

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Winter Roof Maintenance Tips in Jamison, PA: 7 Things to Do Before Spring

To keep your roof in good shape all winter long, don’t overlook these important maintenance tasks. 

1. Check Your Attic Ventilation

The condition of your roof is often reflected in the state of your attic. When your attic doesn’t have proper ventilation and insulation, it can expose your roof to the harsh winter elements we experience here in Jamison, PA. 

Before the weather gets too bad, go into your attic and check to make sure it has sufficient insulation and ventilation so your roof stays protected this winter. 

2. Look for Loose ShinglesWinter roof maintenance tips in Jamison, PA for loose shingles

Take a few moments to ensure that your roof is in good shape before the first winter storm of the season rolls through. To do this, stand on the ground outside your home and look up at your roof. If you notice patches where shingles are missing, loose, or damaged, your roof isn’t equipped to handle winter weather. 

In that case, hire a roofing expert like MHX Designs to inspect your roof and make the necessary repairs

3. Check Your Gutters for Build-up and Ice Dams

Throughout the winter, it’s important to check your gutters for build-up of debris and the formation of ice dams, to prevent damage to your roof. When ice accumulates near your eaves and gutters, it can form dangerous ice dams that can eventually cause your shingles to separate from the roof deck. 

To help prevent ice build-up, keep your gutters clean during the winter by removing dirt and debris.

4. Repair and/or Replace the FlashingWinter roof maintenance tips in Jamison, PA for old chimney flashing

As you prepare your exterior for winter, don’t forget to check the flashing on your roof. Over time, it’s not uncommon for your flashing to warp or come loose, which leaves your home vulnerable to water intrusion from snow and ice.

Before the worst of the winter weather hits, we recommend hiring a roofing professional to repair or replace your flashing for extra protection. 

5. Remove Snow From Your Roof

When snow settles on your rooftop, it can look straight out of a winter painting. However, the unfortunate reality is that heavy snow sitting on your roof is a recipe for disaster. The extra weight of the ice and snow is often too much for an older roof to handle, putting too much strain on your shingles. 

Beyond that, when snow melts during the day and then refreezes overnight, it can cause damage to your shingles and eventually cause leaks. To prevent this, remove snow from your roof as soon as it’s safe to do so.  

6. Trim the Trees Around Your RoofWinter roof maintenance tips in Jamison, PA for big trees

When strong winter storms hit, it’s not uncommon to find debris on your roof like tree branches. The best way to prevent this is to trim back your trees before storms roll through the area, so it’s less likely that your roof will suffer damage during a storm. 

If you can’t safely trim the trees by yourself, then it’s best to hire a professional to do the job for you. 

7. Schedule a Roof Inspection

The final and perhaps most important winter roof maintenance tip is to hire an expert roofing contractor to perform an inspection on your roof before the weather gets too bad. 

When you hire MHX Designs to inspect your roof, we’ll be able to identify any vulnerable areas that may develop damage during the winter. As a result, we can make the necessary repairs now so you have peace of mind going into the harsh Jamison, PA winter. 

The Roofer You Can Trust in Jamison, PA

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