4 of the Most Important Roofing Repairs

Whether your roofing in Doylestown, PA, has sustained significant hail damage or your underlayment has been quietly growing mold, some roof repairs are more important than others. Your roofer in Doylestown, PA, will typically recommend fixing any issue as soon as it arises, but there are a few repairs that should be tackled ahead of others. Here are some of the most pressing problems that can turn into costly nightmares down the road.


  1. Leaks


When you spring a leak, it’s easy to think a bucket is all it takes to catch the steady drip of water. Unfortunately, that water isn’t just accumulating in that bucket. It’s also seeping into every surface it touches along the way. Leaks can work their way from your roof to supporting walls and finally down into your home. To prevent further water damage, it’s best to make repairs immediately.


  1. Gutter Problems


Your gutters play a significant role in the function of roofing in Malvern, PA. When they’re working properly, they manage and distribute runoff to where it needs to go. When they’re bogged down, that runoff has no choice but to spill onto your siding and surrounding roofing. If you notice damage to gutters, call your contractor right away.


  1. Moldy Underlayment


Mold isn’t just unsightly, but also a legitimate health threat. If water is allowed to sit on your roof for extended periods of time, the conditions can create the perfect breeding grounds for mold. A little mold or mildew on one or two shingles isn’t a huge concern, but wide patches on your underlayment are another story.


  1. Damaged Flashing


When the metal features of your roof are damaged, water has an easier time seeping in and wreaking havoc. Be sure to check your flashing, vents, downspouts, and gutters often for deterioration and make repairs as needed.


These are just some of the most pressing repairs to make on your roof.