For those who live in Montgomery County, PA, will know how awful the winter weather can be, especially around this time of the year. The last thing we need when trying to stay warm through the cold is having issues with the house. Is your roof safe? Here are some winter roof maintenance tips.

Regular roof inspection

If you have not had your roof checked for some time, you can potentially miss out essential issues such as missing shingles, insufficient flashing, or sagging gutters. Having your roof fixed can cost more than another season as roof repairs are more difficult to complete in the winter compared to another season.
We highly recommend calling a professional to inspect your roof, as checking yourself during the winter is very dangerous.

Keep an eye out for your trees

Believe it or not, trees are one of the most common issues that cause roof damage, as a tree branch is strong enough to pierce shingles on a windy day. Having your tree branches trimmed will keep them healthy and protected from the winter storm, as snow on branches can get heavy and topple over its weight on the roof or gutters. If you notice a lot of tree branches dangling over your roof, call a tree professional to remove them.

Clean your gutters

To maintain the longevity of your gutters, we recommend having your gutters cleaned at least twice a year especially if you have tall trees that surround your home. Leaves, twigs, and other debris lying around in the gutters and downspout will block any water flow coming through, which will back up and overflow to the roof and siding.

Properly insulate your attic

If your attic is not insulated correctly, you are essentially allowing heat to escape your home, which ultimately increases your energy bills. Proper attic insulation and restoration will seal the gaps or cracks that might permit moisture, heat, or pests to enter your attic.

It is important to not neglect these issues during the winter. Get in touch with the team at MHX Designs, and we will make sure you and your close ones living under the roof are kept warm and safe for many years.