Why Stucco Remediation Should be Done Before Installing Windows & Doors

Stucco Remediation with new grey siding

When there are several home improvement projects you’re planning to tackle, it can be hard to know where to begin. In many cases, it doesn’t make much of a difference where you start, but if your plans include new siding, we recommend starting with stucco remediation before moving on to smaller exterior projects like new doors and windows.

Wait, what’s the difference between stucco repair and stucco remediation?

When your stucco becomes damaged, you can either choose to repair it or go through the full remediation process. There are pros and cons to each option, but in most cases, we recommend stucco remediation over simply repairing the damage.

Stucco repair

If your stucco has small, cosmetic damage, you may consider stucco repair services, during which the affected areas are replaced with more stucco. While stucco repair is a cheaper option than remediation, it does not solve any underlying issues and only fixes what can be seen on the surface. Stucco repair is akin to patching a tire in that it provides a quick fix but does not address the root problem. This will likely result in future repairs being needed down the line.

Stucco remediation

During the remediation process, unlike repair, the underlying stucco issues which have caused the exterior damage are addressed and the home’s entire stucco system is replaced, oftentimes with more efficient and stylish alternatives like vinyl or fiber cement siding.

While stucco remediation is more time-consuming and expensive upfront, there’s no debate that it’s the better long-term choice for homes in Bucks, Chester, Delaware or Montgomery Counties, regardless of whether you’re planning to stay in your home for the long haul or you’re looking to sell it in the near future.

Why bother with stucco remediation?

Customers often come to us wondering if stucco remediation is really necessary. Our answer is almost always a resounding “yes!” Because stucco is an absorbent material, excess moisture can get trapped behind the wall, particularly in wet climates as we have in the Northeast.

As a result, ignoring issues with your stucco can lead to costly repairs down the road. When moisture builds behind your stucco, it can lead to more serious problems like mold, mildew, and rotting wood. All of which can compromise the structural integrity of your home if not treated. This is why we recommend it over stucco repair.

If you’ve noticed some of these warning signs of stucco failure on your home, it may be time to consider a full stucco remediation project, in order to address all of these underlying issues before updating your home’s exterior.

Why is it important to update your stucco home’s exterior before replacing doors and windows?

As we mentioned above, we strongly believe that you should address any siding issues before you move forward with new window and door installations. It will save you headaches down the road and will make the home renovation process smoother for you and your contractor. Here’s a closer look at why we recommend this to our customers.

New fixtures can damage existing stucco

Aside from the energy efficiency benefits, one of the primary reasons you’ve decided to replace your doors and windows is because you want your home to look updated. Unfortunately, stucco is prone to cracks and chips, which will only grow bigger with time, during this installation process.

Since stucco is already at a higher risk for damage than other siding materials, new cracks from the installation process will leave your home vulnerable against further damage, which will likely result in the need for full remediation down the road. While it comes with a higher price tag upfront, it will save you time and money later on by tackling this project before you move on to new doors and windows.

It can be more difficult to remediate later

If you choose to install your windows and doors before you address your siding issues, you’re likely to notice new cracks appear during the installation process. Unfortunately, stucco contractors may give you a hard time if you ask them to come back out and repair the cracks.

Additionally, repairs can only do so much. It’s very likely that, as a homeowner in the Northeast, you’ll have to get your stucco remediated eventually, thanks to our wet winters. If you leave cracks in your stucco untreated for too long, your home is susceptible to extensive damage that will lead to a more time-intensive and costly remediation project. By replacing your stucco before you upgrade your doors and windows, you’ll be getting ahead of the problem early.

You can ensure a comprehensive look and style

From an aesthetic perspective, it makes sense to match design elements like windows and doors to the “bigger picture” of your house, which is the siding.

Instead of worrying that your new fixtures will clash with your old stucco or your new siding, you can schedule your remediation before (or at the same time!) as your installations with a trusted contractor like MHX Designs. This will ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner and that the end result looks perfectly curated to match your style.

Why choose MHX Designs?

We understand that choosing a contractor for your home remodeling project is a big decision. During your search, you’ll be looking for a trustworthy and reliable contractor with a proven track record of high-quality work. Good news! MHX Designs meets all of those requirements and more.

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  • I liked that you mentioned that stucco repair is akin to patching a tire where it can be a quick fix. I noticed a hole in the stucco in the back yard and I wanted to get it taken care of. I think a stucco repair would be great to cover up small damages and patches.