Stucco Remediation & Siding Montgomery County PA

PA RiverMHX Designs is proud to provide the community of Montgomery County with their leading exterior stucco remediation and siding replacement services. Located around 32 miles out from Philadelphia, our Hatfield, PA-based company has grown based off high quality work, trustworthiness, and reliability. It is our goal to make each homeowner comfortable with excellent service but also ensuring that the install process is top of the line.

Stucco Remediation in Montgomery County

If you have stucco on your home, you realize that issues naturally arise. Popular problems from inadequate sealing leading to leaks to poor application practices leading to instabilities in the wall system are just a few.

If your problems continue to occur, our team of contractors recommends replacing stucco with siding such as vinyl or fiber cement as it does not fail due to water absorption.

Siding Replacement in Montgomery County

James Hardie Victorian HouseWhether you are going from stucco to a new siding material or you have something else, our team of siding contractors are here to help you out.

At MHX designs, we specialize in:

It is important as a homeowner that you are aware of best options and that is why we only recommend leading manufactured products that we have years of positive experience with. Our most popular siding solution is fiber cement! James Hardie has designed a product that can mirror the look of wood, will providing none of the annoying and costly maintenance. Learn more about why James Hardie is such a popular siding option.


For more information about siding and stucco remediation please feel free to reach out to Mhx Designs. Our team can be reached over the phone at (888) 944-6493 or through our online contact form.