Why Upgrade to Siding This Spring in Pennsylvania?

If you’ve been considering stucco remediation in Exton, PA for a while, now could be a great moment to make the project a reality. There are many reasons why March is the perfect month to install siding in Doylestown, PA. Here’s why shouldn’t wait till summer to beautify your home with siding.

Take Advantage of Off-Peak Season

For most construction projects, peak season typically runs from May through October. This is no coincidence, as most contractors prefer to work when the sun is shining and temperatures are warm. This also means, however, you can expect to see a lot of other homeowners doing the same thing. Tackling your project outside of peak season means, weather permitting, you can avoid summer crowds and longer wait times. Talk to your contractor about scheduling stucco remediation in Villanova, PA just before high season starts.

Help Your Home Handle Snowmel 

Another great reason to consider installing siding now is to help your home handle the spring snowmelt. Cold, ice, and freezing precipitation can take their toll on stucco, particularly if it hasn’t been touched up in awhile. You’ll also feel all of that moisture in your house. You can help your home out and avoid costly water damage by upgrading to siding.

Add Extra Insulation

Winter may be fading into the distance, but that doesn’t mean warmer weather is quite here just yet. Why not make your family and visitors feel more comfortable by installing siding? Siding offers superior insulation and protection from the elements, no matter what season it is.

Beautify Your Exterior

It’s no secret that summertime is one of the hottest seasons, both in temperature and in the housing market. Buyers are more active during the summer. If you’re planning to sell, there’s no better time to boost curb appeal and add value to your home than with new siding. You’ll be ahead of the game and ready to catch the fresh eyes of early buyers.

Make new siding your priority this March!