Why It’s Important You Choose The Right Types of Siding

Choosing the correct siding for your home is one of the many important decisions involved in the home-building process. It is an essential part of wall assembly and a major protective barrier against the elements. You may have hiccups regarding choosing the correct material for the siding, or which color is right for your desired look. Let’s look at a few things that you need to consider when selecting siding.

Homes in the Neighborhood

If you care about uniformity in your neighborhood, you can choose siding according to what the surrounding homes feature. You want to choose a color, for example, that fits in with the color scheme of the neighborhood. You don’t want siding that looks exactly like your neighbors’, but you don’t want to be the oddball in the bunch.


The anticipated lifespan of siding is important in the decision-making process. You want your siding to last a few decades, and the material chose will determine its durability. Siding materials can be brick, engineered wood, fiber cement, manufactured stone, stucco or vinyl. Exterior siding lifespan can vary from 50 years to a lifetime. Vinyl siding is a great option when it comes to thickness, maximum resistance against wind and moisture and energy efficiency. As an added benefit, it’s incredibly easy to keep your siding clean. All siding isn’t created equal so, choose wisely.

House Size

The size of your house may seem like an irrelevant point of consideration when choosing to side, but in the context of color, it could make a difference in appearance. A smaller, sized home would stand out more with darker hues and look homely. On the other hand, a large house in lighter and brighter colors would be appealing vs. in a darker tone that would make it look gloomy. The color choice of a particular size home can maximize its appearance.

Home’s Architecture

The architectural style of your home can provide visual cues that you can apply to select your sliding. If your home is in a colonial style, you may consider the traditional single color siding (typically white), if it’s retro style, metal siding is an option, or brick siding for your rustic, elegant home. Keep in mind that some home styles may allow you more freedom when it comes to choosing siding.

At MHX Designs, we provide expert home siding solutions for your unique home, with beautiful designs, durability, and energy efficiency no matter the architectural style.