Replacing siding may not be every homeowner’s top to do list. Besides, how do you even know if your siding is in good condition? Here are some signs that a home siding needs attention before potentially cause more damage takes place.

  1. Needs Frequent Painting. Are you finding yourself painting your siding once every five years? A good home siding should maintain its shape and color for at least 8-10 years, if not longer. Unsure what type of siding was installed? Call a professional to take a look and see if your siding needs replacing.
  2. High Heating and Cooling Bills. When a home heating or cooling costs exceed more than average (likely double or even triple), this is a sure sign your siding in need of a replacement. Poor performing siding and poor wall insulation can be the main problem for excess heating and cooling bills.
  3. Rotting or Warping. Exterior siding is designed to keep the majority of moisture away from the walls underneath the siding. If you notice swelling or rotting in your siding is an immediate cause for concern.
  4. Cracked or Loose Siding. Poor installation can result in your siding to crack or loosen over time, especially from severe weather. This is usually easier to notice and be able to replace, but if the siding is coming off of your home then this is a serious matter that needs taken care of right away!
  5. Dry Rot. Dry rot is the decay of wood in any wooden structures caused by certain fungi. When dry rot occurs, the fungus breaks down the parts of the wood that give the wood strength and stiffness. Any pieces of siding that are suffering from dry rot must be removed immediately and replaced.

Home siding is one of the most important investment you should consider and not overlooked. For more information about our siding services, please get in touch and contact us for a free consultation atĀ (888) 944-6493