Stucco to James Hardie – New Britain, PA 18901

Edwards Family – Stucco to James Hardie Siding, New Downspouts, Rake and Fascia Capping – ┬áNew Britain, PA 18901

Job Specifics:

Product & Services:

  • James Hardie Statement Collection Board/Batten Siding System
  • Stucco Replacement with James Hardie Siding
  • Window and Door Hardie trims
  • New Downspouts
  • Rake and Fascia Capping
  • Foundation Smooth Coat and Paint
  • Interior Drywall Repair

Project Cost: $89,429

Town: New Britain, PA 18901

Before Project Photo Gallery:

After Project Photo Gallery:

Close up of side of Edwards home in New Britain before a stucco to James Hardie siding installationClose up of side of Edwards home in New Britain PA after stucco to James Hardie Siding installation

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