How to make the most of a small bathroomHow to Make The Most Out Of a Small Bathroom

Your bathroom is often the first room you start your days in, and plays a part in setting the mood for the rest your day.  If you wish you had more space to work with in your bathroom, check out these tips for remodeling your small bathroom to make to most of the space you do have!

Use Your Corners

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, one of the best design choices you can make to free up space is to corner your sink.  If you put your sink in the corner, it will use up space that may have otherwise gone to waste, and if you don’t have a lot of space to use, its important to maximize what you do have. You can do the same thing with a shower.  You can fit a standing shower in as small as a 30-by-30 inch space, leaving you with more space for shelving or your vanity.  Consider using a shower curtain instead of a swinging glass door to help save even more space.

On a similar note, you should avoid corners on your bathroom furniture where you can.  Rather than opting for a vanity or sink with corners, go with a rounded design.  This will prevent you from running into any corners with your hips, which you will certainly appreciate on the mornings you skipped your coffee.

Mount It On The Wall

Another design option you can consider to save space is mounting anything on the wall that you can.  There are a few obvious candidates, like your mirrors and toilet paper dispenser, but consider less conventional things like your sink.  Installing a wall-mounted faucet, and sink, will free up space underneath it that would otherwise be used by the pedestal it would be mounted on.  Instead of losing that space to the pedestal of your sink, you could be using it for storage, from your towels to your toilet paper.  A wall-mounted sink also looks great, with a sleek design that looks great with any aesthetic style.

Another way to save space is to use wall-mounted shelving.  There are shelving options that have space for your toiletries, and also come with a towel rack mounted below the shelves, saving you from needing to install a separate rack elsewhere. Another option to consider is installing a wall mounted medicine cabinet with a mirror that opens up to interior shelving.

An additional way to save space is to use a shower caddie. If you mount it just below your shower head, you can store all of your shower supplies, including soaps, shampoos, and loofahs, in one place, saving your valuable cabinet space.

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There are many different ways to save space in a small bathroom.  There are a million ways to create shelving, and sometimes its best to simply get creative and come up with options that fit your personal style.  However, if you are looking for more help designing your small bathroom, our team at MHX Designs is happy to help.  Reach out to us today for more information by calling us at (888) 944-6493 or by filling out our online contact form! We look forward to hearing from you!