How to Know When to Replace Your Roof

A roof replacement is no small investment, which is one reason why many homeowners are quick to put it off. Ask any roofing contractor in Ambler, PA or Doylestown, however, and he or she will tell you there are often many reasons to consider a replacement over repairs. Here are three examples of when it makes perfect sense to invest in that big roof replacement.


When the Roof Is Older Than Its Life Expectancy


Depending on the type of material used on roofing in Doylestown, PA, most homeowners can expect their roofs to last between 10 – 20 years. One exception is metal, which can live to see double those numbers. If your roof is beginning to deteriorate and is approaching or has exceeded its expected lifetime, a total replacement is often wiser than costly repairs that are likely to reappear.


When Damage is Severe or Widespread


Roof repair in Exton, PA and Doylestown isn’t uncommon after a storm, when ice and water damage can create localized problems. A replacement comes into the question, however, when damage is so widespread or so severe that repairs would simply be too costly. This is fairly uncommon, but can happen when damage from water and ice is allowed to linger for long periods of time.


When Efficiency Is a Problem


Older roofs simply are not as efficient as their modern counterparts, as there have been great advances in insulation and durability. Today’s roofs, especially metal, are particularly equipped to keep out extreme temperatures and even help reduce the price of your monthly utilities bill. Furthermore, today’s roofing materials are designed with the environment in mind. In fact, modern metal roofs are one of the most sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly options on the market.


These are just three examples of when it makes total sense to invest in a total roof replacement, so talk to your contractor today.