City WindowsWindows are essential to the health of your home.  They allow in light, ventilate fresh air throughout your home, and provide curb appeal.  However, your windows will eventually wear out and you will need to replace them.  While it can be a hassle and you will certainly wish you didn’t need to replace your windows, there are some benefits to having to install new windows in your home.  Check out this guide to see what benefits new windows can provide for your home!

Energy Efficiency

If you’ve noticed that your home’s heating or AC bills are skyrocketing, one of the first places you should check is your windows.  You can tell if your windows aren’t energy efficient by standing near them and checking for a breeze, or shining light at the frames to see if it comes through.  Any breeze or light indicates that your windows aren’t air tight and are letting in the elements.  Therefore, replacing your windows will provide you with an immediate improvement in your home’s energy efficiency.  Furthermore, even if your windows don’t have any obvious leaks, if you have old windows in your home they are likely outdated technology.  The thermal efficiency of windows has greatly improved over the last few decades, and if you have single-pane windows, you are likely to see an enormous savings in your energy bill by replacing your windows with the double, or triple-pane variety.

Curb Appeal/Increase Your Home’s Value

Another major benefit of replacement windows are the aesthetic benefits that new windows provide for your home.  Remodeling Magazine frequently rates vinyl windows as one of the highest return on investment remodeling projects that you can complete! Generally, windows average about 75% return on investment, meaning when it’s time to sell your home, you will recoup about 75% of the cost of the windows installation from selling your home. However, there are more monetary benefits to replacement windows beyond their return on investment potential! Replacing your windows can also increase your home’s curb appeal.  If you improve your home’s curb appeal, this can lead to higher appraisals.  If a potential buyer comes along and enjoys the aesthetic you’ve created, they may be willing to pay more for the home than another buyer, simply because you’ve increased your home’s curb appeal!

Noise Pollution

Another benefit of new windows is that they will cut down on noise pollution from any nearby streets.  If you notice that you hear the cars down the road even though your windows are completely shut, that is generally a sign that your windows needs to be replaced. You will certainly appreciate the peace and quiet that your new windows can provide.

Ease of Use

Old windows have a tendency to stick in their tracks, or not stay open properly.  Replacing your windows will ensure that your windows are working properly, which will also increase the safety of your home, particularly if you have any children in the home who could get hurt by malfunctioning windows. Generally, new windows also come fitted with a tilt-in feature to make cleaning the exterior of the windows easy as well.

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