5 Signs You Need New Gutters

No homeowners want to hear any news about replacing something in their home, but did you know gutters play an important role when it comes to protecting your property? If they are not maintained properly, your home could be in danger of experiencing costly problems from old or damaged, gutter systems that can no longer divert rainwater or melt the snow away from your home, which ultimately can cause water damage, rotting interior walls, and ice damming. Here are some warning signs to look out for.


We highly recommend homeowners to have their gutters evaluated twice a year. As you know, weather can be unpredictable and its important gutters can withhold all types of elements thrown at them all year round. Any signs of cracks will allow ice to expose the inside of the gutters and keep your gutters functionally normally.

Peeling Paint.

Although peeling paint may not be the most attractive thing to see on your home, this is a big sign of a severe problem as it allows water to seep down over the rear edge and onto your siding or trim.

Water is not flowing correctly.

If you see water building up in your gutters and looking stagnant, you may want to inspect the flow or installation of the gutters to make sure that the structure was correctly built. This can be easily amended; however, if the issue continues, you should contact a gutter professional for replacement.

Mold and Mildew.

Do you suspect mildew or moisture around your basement or siding? If so, this can be caused by gutter leakage and will need to get in contact with a gutter specialist right away.

Gutters leaning away from your home.

Over time, without proper maintenance, your gutters will eventually lose its ability to support your home and pull away due to wear and tear or uncleaned debris. Once the gutters and downspout are detached, it is almost impossible to assemble back to its original form. Don’t delay the issue and fix the problem immediately!

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  • I’m glad you pointed out that peeling paint on your home’s exterior usually indicates a big problem with your gutters. When I was raking leaves yesterday, I noticed an area of my home where the paint was peeling pretty badly. I wasn’t sure what the problem could be, so thanks for letting me know I should have my gutters looked at!