Why is James Hardie Siding considered the best of the best?

Trusted Hardie Contractors

Fiber cement is an innovative product that combines wood fiber, Portland cement, sand, and water to create a sustainable material that looks like wood but lasts far longer with minimal maintenance. MHX Designs is a certified installer of James Hardie® fiber cement siding, which means you can get the world’s best-selling fiber cement products from the most professional siding contractor.

Low maintenance & cost

Low maintenance is a plus for a busy homeowner. The products are handled and painted in the James Hardie facilities which ensure high-quality paint performance lowering the chances of chipped paint. The paint that James Hardie applies on the siding allows for easy cleanup, unlike vinyl that requires you to purchase a special soap to clean off the dust. See how James Hardie siding compares to other siding types.

James Hardie’s durability plays a major role in the low maintenance and cost of the product overall. The resistance to moisture lowers the chance of mold growth. It also has a resistance to fire and heat, which saves you so much when you invest in a James Hardie product.

James Hardie offers a non-prorated 30-year warranty that can save you a massive amount if a storm were to hit your home. This is the best warranty on the market among all the siding competitors. Your insurance carrier may offer you a discount on your yearly premium because of the non-combustibility factor Hardie products offer.

James Hardie

James Hardie Tested Durability

James Hardie siding is five times thicker than vinyl giving it deeper groves and aesthetically a more authentic wood grain effect. James Hardie wood composite also is known as Oriented strand board (OSB) are wood strands bonded together under heat and pressure with resin. This process gives the product moisture resistance, lowering the chances of mold, chips, and cracks from frost.

The siding is durable enough to withstand the dry heat. Hardie products are non-combustible allowing it to be more resistant to heat and fire which would normally melt vinyl siding. Pests cause massive damages every year to homes and Hardie has taken them into consideration when designing their product. Mother nature is no match for the research and development team James Hardie has. The products are tested to the maximum limit to ensure satisfaction. James Hardie offers a  non-prorated 30-year warranty to cover any problems you may encounter within the time.

James Hardie ROI

Stop worrying about your ROI

The home is probably the most important investment a person will make in a lifetime. Many homeowners are concerned with the return on investment (ROI) of the products they add or replace on their homes. It’s not only about the curb appeal when it comes to the return on investment on a home. The chart above shows that for over seven years in a row residing a home with fiber cement has been the most reliable method of ROI remodeling.

The weight of the investment is in the quality of the product that James Hardie provides. The fact that the sidings are durable enough to last through rough weather, pests and physical hemorrhage should positively contribute to the ROI. The 30-year non-prorated warranty and 10-year service pledge that Hardie provides for the product is worth the investment itself. Having Hardie siding could give the homeowner a discount on their insurance. It also saves a massive amount of time which is the most valuable investment a homeowner can contribute.