Stucco remediation in Exton, PA can be a big project, so it’s important to get the timing right. There are many different factors that can help determine when is best to invest in siding, however some times are more important than others. If you’re considering upgrading to new doors or windows in the near future, it’s often wiser to start with stucco remediation before moving onto smaller exterior projects. Here are three reasons why.


  1. New Fixtures Will Likely Damage Existing Stucco


When your contractor or roofer in Doylestown, PA, arrives to install those beautiful new windows and doors, the results may look less than desirable if you’re still stuck with old stucco. Any modifications to your home’s exterior are bound to create new cracks and chips in surrounding stucco, which will only grow bigger with time. Instead of throwing caution to the wind and dealing with it later, it’s usually better to bite the financial bullet and invest in stucco remediation first.


  1. It Can Be More Difficult to Remediate Later


Once those windows and doors are installed, you may be left with unsightly cracking. Unfortunately, thanks to the nature of stucco, those cracks likely aren’t going anywhere. You can always call your contractor to patch them up, but you’ll find yourself fighting an uphill battle.


  1. You Can Achieve a Comprehensive Look


One of the best reasons to proceed with stucco remediation in Villanova, PA, before or at the same time as installing new doors and windows is the ability to achieve a comprehensive look. Instead of worrying that your new fixtures will clash with your old stucco or new siding, you can schedule your remediation and installations at the same time with a trusted contractor. This will ensure the project is completed in a timely fashion and that the end result looks perfectly curated.


For these reasons and more, it’s wise to replace stucco before investing in new windows or doors.